Celestial Motion

Virtual Reality

Celestial Motion is a virtual dance experience  made in collaboration with choreographer Alexander Whitley and in association with Sadler’s Wells made for Guardian VR. It is based on Whitley’s dance performance, 8 Minutes, which creatively interpreted solar physics and explored the human relationship with the sun.

We adapted this stage piece for a 360 space and made it into an interactive experience where the viewer is able to switch between two cosmic worlds using the Daydream controller. We made the project in two parts. First we filmed the dancers in YouTube London’s 360 green screen studio, later replacing the background with visual effects designed by BAFTA-winner artist Tal Rosner. We then had the dancers perform the same choreography in a motion capture studio – this data was then treated to create ethereal digital figures. On pressing the controller the viewer can switch between seeing the dancers in human or digital form and experience the choreography in different ways.

Francesca Panetta executive produced the work. Shehani Fernando directed it.